Vegetative Variety

Salvia officinalis Silver Scent

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Data is gathered from our West Grove, Pa., trials (Zone 6a). Southern growers: expect 1-2 weeks earlier finishing. Northern growers: 1 week slower. Consider summertime scheduling accurate. Dates based on a standard 72 liner size.

Notes/Pitfall Management
Will flower in about 6 weeks after forcing from vernalized container. Foliage plant only with minimal flowering without overwintering.
Week color desired
URC stick week
Liner transplant week
Early Spring
(1 ppp)
(1 ppp)
(1 ppp)
(1 ppp)
(1 ppp)
(1 ppp)
Propagation Guide
Media EC/pH: EC 0.75-0.80 mmhos/pH 5.8-6.2
Soil Temperature: 70-72°F (21-22°C)
Rooting Hormone: 1,000 ppm IBA
Mist: Low
Fertilization: 50-75 ppm N only after rooted
Pinching: A soft pinch will increase branching.
Transplanting: 35-42 days after sticking
Comments: Discontinue mist as quickly as possible and only mist to avoid leaf wilt. Begin feeding 7 days after sticking with 50-75 ppm N.
Finishing Guide
Media pH: 5.8-6.2
Temperature: Nights: 45 to 55°F (7 to 13°C) Days: 55 to 65°F (13 to 18°C)
Light Level (fc): 5,000 to 8,000
Vernalization: Beneficial; aids in bulking. Not required for flowering.
Daylength: Short day obligate
Watering: Allow media to dry moderately between watering.
Fertilization: Use a balanced fertilizer at a rate of 150 to 200 ppm.
Pinch After Transplant: Yes
Plant Growth Regulators: PGRs generally not needed