Seed Variety

Delphinium Dasante Blue

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Data is gathered from our Elburn, Ill., trials (Zone 5a) for a North American audience. Warm-climate growers: expect 1-2 weeks earlier finishing. Cool-climate growers: expect 1 week slower. Dates based on standard 288 plug size.

Notes/Pitfall Management
A light Sumagic spray when the flower spike is 4"-6" tall can reduce overall container height.
Week color desired
Sow week
Plug transplant week
Early Spring
(1 ppp)
(1 ppp)
Not suitable for mid-summer sales.
Seed Form: RAW
PlugSize: 288
Seeds/Cell: 1
Plug Crop Weeks: 6-7
Days from 50% to maximum germination: 7-8
Cover Seed: Yes
Plug Production
Stage 1
Moisture: Level 4
Temperature: 65-70°F
Light: Optional
Stage 2
Moisture: Level 3-4
Temperature: 65-68°F
Light: 2,500 fc
(26,900 Lux)
Fertilizer: Less than 100 ppm N
(Less than 0.7 EC)
Stage 3
Moisture: Level 2-3
Temperature: 65-68°F
Light: 2,500 fc
(26,900 Lux)
Fertilizer: 100 to 175 ppm N
(0.7 to 1.2 EC)
Stage 4
Moisture: Level 2
Temperature: 60-65°F
Light: 5,000 fc
(53,800 Lux)
Fertilizer: 100 to 175 ppm N
(0.7 to 1.2 EC)
Vernalization: No
Growing on to Finish
Growing on Temperature: (day) 65-70°F (18-21°C)
(night) 55-63°F (13-17°C)
Target Media pH/EC (1:2): 5.8-6.2 pH
1.5-2.0 mmhos/cm
Fertilizer: 175 to 225 ppm N
(1.2 to 1.5 EC)
Daylength: Day Neutral
Fertilizer Notation: Starting 1 week after transplant, apply fertilizer at rate 4 (225 to 300 ppm N/1.5 to 2.0 mS/cm) once a week, using predominantly a nitrate form fertilizer, with low phosphorus and high potassium. Maintain media EC at 1.5 to 2.0 mS/cm and pH at 5.8 to 6.2. For constant fertilizer program, fertilize at rate 3 (175 to 225 ppm N/1.2 to 1.5 mS/cm) can be applied while maintaining the noted EC and pH ranges.
Finishing Key Tips: Keep light levels as high as possible. No pinching needed. Do not allow plants to wilt. Ship this crop when one-third of the florets are open to reduce the risk of flower shattering during shipping.