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Aquilegia Earlybird™

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Data is gathered from our Elburn, Ill., trials (Zone 5a) for a North American audience. Warm-climate growers: expect 1-2 weeks earlier finishing. Cool-climate growers: expect 1 week slower. Dates based on standard 288 plug size.

Notes/Pitfall Management
For 1G containers fall plant is recommended. Can use 5 plugs in a 1.5G. A large liner such as a 32, vernalized and spring planted into a 1G will not fill out. If being forced for February sales, short day photoperiod may prevent flower spikes from elongating properly. Night interruption lighting will elongate the flower stems. Force from dormancy warm (65F day/night) for two weeks before cooling for greatest uniformity.
Week color desired
Sow week
Plug transplant week
Early Spring
(1 ppp)
(3 ppp)
EarlyBird requires 4 weeks of chill below 50F for uniform flowering. After this chill requirement they will flower very quickly and uniformly
Aquilegia Earlybird™ Blue White
Aquilegia Earlybird™ Mixture
Aquilegia Earlybird™ Purple Blue
Aquilegia Earlybird™ Purple White
Aquilegia Earlybird™ Purple Yellow
Aquilegia Earlybird™ Red White
Aquilegia Earlybird™ Red Yellow
Aquilegia Earlybird™ White
Aquilegia Earlybird™ Yellow
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Seed Form: RAW
PlugSize: 288
Seeds/Cell: 1
Plug Crop Weeks: 6-7
Days from 50% to maximum germination: 7-17
Cover Seed: Optional
Plug Production
Stage 1
Moisture: Level 4
Temperature: 72-77°F
Light: Optional
Fertilizer: Less than 100 ppm N
(Less than 0.7 EC)
Stage 2
Moisture: Level 4
Temperature: 68-73°F
Light: 2,500 fc
(26,900 Lux)
Fertilizer: Less than 100 ppm N
(Less than 0.7 EC)
PGR: ancymidol/2 ppm/Spray
Stage 3
Moisture: Level 3
Temperature: 65-70°F
Light: 6-8 mol·m⁻²·d⁻¹
2,500 fc
(26,900 Lux)
Fertilizer: 100 to 175 ppm N
(0.7 to 1.2 EC)
PGR: ancymidol/2 ppm/Spray
Stage 4
Moisture: Level 2
Temperature: 60-65°F
Light: 6-8 mol·m⁻²·d⁻¹
5,000 fc
(53,800 Lux)
Fertilizer: 100 to 175 ppm N
(0.7 to 1.2 EC)
PGR: ancymidol/2 ppm/Spray
Vernalization: Yes - Low vernalisation requirement, only 4 weeks at 50-55°F (10-13°C) from 5 to 6 true leaves onwards.
Juvenility: Minimum 5 to 6 true leaves
Propagation Key Tips: Maintaining moisture above level 3 in Stage 1 and 2 is critical for germination and seedling development. Responsive to weekly ancymidol 2 ppm spray or ancymidol 2 ppm/daminozide 2,500 ppm tank mix beginning 3 weeks from sowing.
Growing on to Finish
Growing on Temperature: (day) 65-68°F (18-20°C)
(night) 50-54°F (10-12°C)
Target Media pH/EC (1:2): 5.8-6.2 pH
1.3-1.8 mmhos/cm
Fertilizer: 100 to 175 ppm N
(0.7 to 1.2 EC)
Daylength: Day Neutral
Chemical Sensitivity: Cycocel causes phytotoxicity
Bulking Strategy: For best and richest flowering, allow plants 3 to 4 weeks to bulk after transplant; best in the cooler season.
Finishing Key Tips: Avoid flowering beneath the foliage in very short natural daylength period. When producing under natural daylength shorter than 11 hours, 15 minutes during flower development stage (about 4 weeks from your target sales date), flowers could hide beneath foliage. Supplemental long day lighting (night interruption from 10 pm to 2 am or 16-hour daylength extension) will achieve flower stem elongation.